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 If you are one of the hundreds of people who own dogs in Spain, you will know very well that, regardless of all the constructive characteristics of their company, the care of any animal requires a series of commitments and obligations not only ethical, but also There is authorization.

One situation that we should especially consider is when doing any action with our pet in our car, because it is not enough to have your personal car, pet and car insurance. Whether you have a dog recently or you just want to make sure it is transported correctly, we will advise you in this regard and tell you which guidelines need to be adjusted to accommodate the authorization rules. Do you want to learn about dogs in cars? We will keep this in mind with you.

What does the legislation say about it?

Regarding transported animals, the legislation explicitly prohibits them from traveling freely in cars. The purpose is to prevent them from interfering with driving, because this will bring danger to them and us, our companions and the atmosphere. The final rule for website visitors states that if we travel with a free animal, we will be fined up to 100 Euros, and if there are many or we, as the driver, put one of them on our lap, this may be considered It is negligent driving, which may develop into a serious offense and may force us to pay 200 euros. Traveling with dogs is allowed, but as long as we adapt to the rules and proceed safely.

DGT suggestions to take your pet within the automotive

In addition to the rules, DGT provides a series of recommendations for drivers who transfer animals that are not buses, suggesting retention methods that may be suitable for each situation, and also considers the load of the vehicle and the measurement of pets.


The best and safest way to comply with the DGT, let the dogs maneuver with us. If our pet is very small, it is likely to be placed on the ground of the vehicle. Its size is also small, so the animal has almost no movement margin and threat of damage in the event of a collision or collision. Sudden movements; if the tank is huge, it is best to move in the suitcase and be located in a container perpendicular to the travel route . An unwelcome possibility is to lock the provider with a leash, because the higher part of the item may break and cause serious dog accidents.

Dividing grid

The Internet is located between the back seat of the car and the trunk, and its role is to prevent animals from causing nuisance to the pilot. Nevertheless, it does not provide a lot of safety for dogs, even if it is tied up, it is not well restrained, it will be found and broken. The DGT recommends combining the rack with the provider as one of the best methodology for the canine to journey with out threat or endangering others. The draw back: the animal can (and often) get overwhelmed touring like this.


There are one and two hooks. For the Normal Directorate of Site visitors, the previous should not protected, because the buckle can break within the occasion of an accident and the animal colliding with the again of the seat is harmful; the latter handle to keep away from frontal actions, thus stopping the opportunity of collision with the motive force, though in addition they pose a sure threat; to reduce this, a brief becoming a member of system needs to be used.

Different security suggestions

As well as, we provide you with different suggestions with regards to take a canine within the automotive:

Consider its traits

It’s essential to all the time have in mind how your animal is, and never solely with respect to its measurement because it travels nicely restrained and protected. If you are stressed or dizzy easily (so you most likely need the help of tranquilizers or medications), what food is best for you

Relaxation, vital

Like us, animals must also relax in case we travel long distances. In this situation, we have to stop from time to time a thing that is good for both humans and dogs, let the body and mind relax, eat and drink, relax, and stretch the legs a little.

Watch the temperature

If the weather is very cold, please be careful not to leave the animals indoors for a long time, especially if our heating is not environmentally friendly; and more warm warnings, because when the temperature rises, the trunk of the car is not much different from the oven. Ensure that animals are ventilated at all times, especially because dogs experience a lot when mercury rises because they tend to have a lot of hair and it is more difficult to regulate warmth.

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